What is the cause of hair loss?

Time:2021-01-24 01:00:00

We all know that the brush production process is simple. If the brush is made of poor quality nylon, the thermal expansion and contraction of the nylon will cause the nylon to grow, and the nylon at both ends of the roller body will grow out of the brush roller and resist the machine. The nylon sleeve swells and cracks, which makes the entire sanding roller scrap; the use of horse-riding nails to plant bristles is not strong and easy to shed; the strength of nylon is not high, and the planting density cannot be increased.

In the process of using the brush, we often encounter the situation of the brush shed. Is the hair loss a problem with the quality of the brush, or is our method of use incorrect? Next, Anhui Haosmai Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to understand the reasons for brush hair loss!

Many people think that the hair loss of the brush is a problem of the quality of the brush. In fact, it is not necessarily the problem of the brush, and some methods of use should be paid attention to. First of all, we use the brush money to soak it in warm water for a few minutes, so that the brush is softer, and then stroke it by hand after removing it from the water, and stroke off some of the broken hair, so that it will not appear during use The condition of hair loss; secondly, we need to clean the brush after use, otherwise the brush will be easy to harden, the hardened brush is very uncomfortable to use, and the effect is not good. For cleaning without oily substances, use warm water; the second is to store the brushes, try to put them at room temperature and avoid exposure to the sun.

After paying attention to the above situation, if the shed hair occurs again, it is the problem of the quality of the brush, which is caused by the selection of inferior brush materials.

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