How to choose high-quality industrial brushes?

Time:2021-01-26 08:00:00

Industrial brush strips, as the name implies, are brush strips commonly used in machine production and processing. Because of its relatively harsh environment, the loss is very fast, so its manufacturers will make one-time bulk purchases every time. However, a slight carelessness in purchasing industrial brush strips will cause major economic losses. So how to choose high-quality industrial brushes? The editor of Anhui Haosimai Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you!

1. See if the trademark logo is complete. Professional manufacturers of industrial brush strips will indicate the basic information such as product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, address, and telephone number on the industrial brush packaging box. Some are also accompanied by instruction manuals, certificates and Inspector's seal, first check the packing list when purchasing, and then measure whether to purchase.

2. See if the specifications and models are appropriate. When purchasing industrial brush strips, you must first know what specifications you need and whether the manufacturer can provide them or customize them directly.

3. See if the wool is brand new. The industrial brush made of brand-new wool is bright in color, consistent in color, neat, smooth and clean, without burrs. We can also use the burning method to test. Usually, white smoke will be emitted from the burning of nylon industrial brush strips, and the taste is normal and no peculiar smell, just like the smell of burning feathers. The secondary recycled wool burns and emits a lot of black smoke and smells of choking nose.

4. Check whether the industrial brush strips leak light. Here, you can basically see whether the light is leaking by observing whether the filament density is consistent. Especially for brushes with inconsistent density, the thickness is uneven, and light will leak easily at thin locations. This will directly affect the effect of seal cleaning.

5. Check whether the base of the industrial brush strip is corroded. Check whether there are rust spots on the surface of the metal base, and whether the rubber base is obviously aged, cracked, and loses elasticity.

6. Check whether the protective surface is intact. The base of the industrial brush strip is galvanized or electroplated to protect the base from rust. When inspecting the base of the industrial brush, you can see whether the overall color is consistent, smooth, without color blocks, and no peeling layer.

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