Sanitation brush performance requirements

Time:2021-01-25 04:00:00

The overall structure of the cleaning device mainly includes: double cleaning brush and single suction long structure, double sweep and one brush, short suction and one long row brush structure, double sweep brush and long knot conveyor belt. It can be seen from the configuration of these three structures that the sanitation brush is an essential working device for cleaning cars, and the performance of the cleaner plays a decisive role in the overall performance. Next, the editor of Anhui Haosimai Technology Co., Ltd. will talk to you about the performance requirements of sanitation brushes!

1. When the brush is in working condition, it will expand and fall, and keep floating contact with the road, thereby reducing the width of the vehicle and the wear of the brush. The cutting brush must be recycled and then lifted to a certain height. Therefore, the brush action mechanism of the circuit breaker must be able to achieve floating and recovery expansion to enhance the locking compound effect.

2. In the extended working state during cleaning, during driving, due to various reasons, it may be useless with the guardrail of fixed equipment (such as the road ahead). In order to prevent rigid collision and damage between the scrubbing mechanism itself and the road facilities, collisions such as curbs will reduce the collision, avoid obstacles and provide automatic heat protection in summer.

3. The working environment of the sanitation brush is complex and diverse, reflecting the difference in the degree of road garbage pollution: the difference in the mixed composition of the garbage, that is, the particle size and density of the garbage. In order to ensure the overall operating efficiency of the sweeper, the sweeping speed should be adjusted according to the amount and type of road garbage.

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