What is scouring pad?

Time:2021-01-25 08:00:00

What is scouring pad? What material is scouring pad? For these two questions, the editor believes that everyone is confused, don't be confused, Anhui Haosimai Technology Co.,Ltd.is here to reveal the answer for everyone!

Scouring pads are mainly divided into industrial scouring pads and household scouring pads. Household scouring pads are commonly used in daily life, and industrial scouring pads are used by manufacturers. Industrial scouring pads belong to non-woven abrasive products. It is composed of special fiber as the base material and then ground ore. It has a unique open mesh three-dimensional structure.

The characteristics of industrial scouring pad are shown in:   

1. The industrial scouring pad is elastically ground, which can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching of the surface of the workpiece.   

2. Cold cutting, the unique structure effectively dissipates heat, avoiding discoloration and deformation caused by overheating during the processing of the workpiece;   

3. Industrial scouring cloth is anti-clogging, water and oil resistant;   

4. Self-sharpening grinding, the fiber is constantly being lost during the grinding process, and new grinding ore is continuously formed naturally, providing consistent processing quality for the workpiece; At present, industrial scouring pads are mainly used in the coating of metal, wood and other materials. Cleaning, polishing, rust removal, deburring and other mechanical maintenance and cleaning, high-quality appearance decoration line processing operations.

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